PÄS Gallery presents Betterwill, A splendid selection of upcycled goods from Prince&Cardona, LLLP.

Resurrected, upcycled, repurposed (whatever you would like to call it) goods from the trusty partnership of Kristy Prince, Brian Prince, Amy Cardona, René Cardona, Ricardo Gonsalves, and John M. Sollom.

This Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) initiated a process that has been practiced for centuries — taking something good and making it better. Welcome to Betterwill, where one person’s donation is another person’s art. You never know what you’ll find. One day only during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk at PÄS Gallery within the Magoski Arts Colony, July 5, 2013 from 6-11p.

Entrance is free. Art is cheap.
Entrada es gratuita. Arte es barata.

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