The Space in (June22’s) Head … coming June 7.

PÄS Gallery presents The Space In My Head, Michael Ziobrowski’s first solo show of recent works, where he uses xerox, tape, and spray paint on wood masking geometric dimension from the images in his head. There will also be a few collaborative pieces with Jouvon Michael Kingsby, Artemis Nolasco, Hahk2 and Federico Medina… To preview his work, visit

Michael Ziobrowski also known by the monicker JUNE22, was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Orange County, California by Polish Immigrant parents with an appreciation for art, music and good food. He is a Father, Lover, Designer, Selector, Collector, BeatMaker, Curator, Creator. With a strong interest in Space, Egyptology, Hip Hop, Design and Style. Michael has exhibited primarily in Southern California for the past two + years, both in small and large groups shows, and continues to open new doors of opportunity with his work.

Opening Recpetion: Friday, June 7th from 6-10pm during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.


I grew up a creative child, interested in Art and Music. I continue to push myself to this day, dabbling the same creative outlets, as a designer, artist, DJ and producer of electronic music.
My passion however, the past 4 years has been to get my hands messy, and not be confined to creating on strictly computers, drum pads and turntables. I love to push the envelope, I enjoy going into my zone and letting the creative self-therapy take over. I know my subject matter, my materials and that my creative instinct and knowledge of design will guide me throughout the process.

It’s very much about feeling with me. I stop when it feels like I’m forcing it, and continue to work when it calls me to do so.

My goal is to create aesthetically pleasing work, with either some substance to promote a dialog from the viewer, and/or to create those same aesthetically pleasing images with a space for the viewer to lose themselves, escape into the piece and just enjoy what they see, and feel the same freedom in viewing it, as I felt in creating it. I create art for me, but I also create to inspire and draw interest from other artists and collectors.

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