Monkwood + Carla Roque

For the Third Anniversary of the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, PÄS Gallery welcomed “Stretched Perceptions” the works of brother and sister team Brandon Monk Munoz and Carla Roque. Monk started with the construction of 2 oversized pieces of everyday furniture, a large chair sculpture, “Over our Heads,” and a large table titled, “Under the Table.” In addition to the larger-than-life sculptures, Carla had prints of her whimsical characters and scenes for sale.

Under the Table, a piece made of wood and acrylic by Carla Roque and Brandon Monk Munoz, invited the viewer to take part of the artwork by imagining themselves as a dog under a table. The artist’s description of the piece states, “This stretched perspective gives you a dog’s eye view of our dinner tables. While waiting around for hand outs and affection from humans they see a lot of other things we do too. Things we think no one else is noticing…” It was inviting, humorous, and original.

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