word. an exhibition of text.

PÄS Gallery presents “word.” an exhibition of text. On October 5th 2012 art becomes poetry, poetry becomes art.

Featuring artists and friends of the Magoski Arts Colony. Dan Joyce. Valerie Lewis. Ricardo Gonsalves. brianprince. Kristy Prince. Jesse La Tour. Chantal deFelice. Josue Rivas. Holly Bliss. Steve Westbrook. Jessica Lah. Michael Magoski. Roxanna Mostatabi, Tisa Pickering. Corky Nepomuceno. And More.

Opening during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, 6-10p complete with celebration of PÄS Gallery’s 3rd Anniversary. word.

RSVP on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/333241630104768

Downtown Fullerton Art Walk
the PAUSE blog

What critics are saying:

“This isn’t art, this is rubbish! Text deserves better.”
– Daave Baarton, DB Weekly

“Who wants to go to a gallery and read? PÄS has claimed their lowest eyebrow.”
– Art Scene Majazyne

“we were itching for a postcard from this show. you know, an announcement on card stock that listed all the information for the exhibition. we’ve been asking the post man everyday, “have you seen it? have you seen it?” we got nothing. just a facebook invite. what is happening to art in fullerton?”
– Anonymous (facebook user from Santa Ana)

“If i wanted to read, I’d go take a shit.”
– Vince

“what is this, the PÄS Library?”
– Mätt Leslie, themuck.org

I don’t care what anyone says, PÄS Gallery is all about love and they’re not scared to say YES!”
– Stephan Baxter

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