Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject

we recently wrapped up the Book Jacket design for Peter Bennett’s Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject which goes on sale this September! with the help of Kenny Sperling and the direction from the author himself, we came up with a cover design that conveys it all… (those are my fingers and Peter’s foot)

designed by: primate design

Peter Bennett is full of wisdom, inspiration and laughs and its been a pleasure working with him on this cover as well as other projects in the past… look for it at an online book retailer…

Aiming higher than your reach is just one of the hundreds of success principles you’ll learn in the exciting 13 chapters of Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject. As for your instructors, not even Harvard could have attracted such an assembly of superstars. From Jesus Christ to J.C. Penney and from Socrates to The Simpsons, your amazing teachers will inspire and motivate you to tear down every wall holding back your success!

If you read only one book this year, make it Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject.
Told by a Harvard Reject whose amazing insights will energize you to examine the world and yourself in a whole new light.
Let the lessons begin!

i love this guy…

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