downtown fullerton art walk — no.13

lucky art walk no. 13! the downtown fullerton art walk‘s one-year anniversary was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. i can’t believe it’s already been a year. just last march we displayed the BOX: perspectives on living outside and had Breakfast With Jesus serving up pancakes and eggs out front. it’s seems that the art walk has become more than we could have imagined. thanks to all the venues who were there in the beginning and to those who are here now. it’s awesome to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, whether an office space, salon, store or gallery, downtown fullerton comes through for art.

thanks to all who came out to support the arts in downtown fullerton. keep coming!

lately the food trucks have been entering the scene thanks to InsideFullerton. the Bacon Mania truck sat outside Violethour this month and my bacon quesadilla was like no other. inside Violethour was the 365-day exhibit from Charlie Visnic. what a great endeavor. Hibbleton hosted F*it, a show curated by Bekka Utermohlen, featuring works from great artists who were willing to try something new. Bookmachine‘s grand opening featured drawings of literary figures by Jesse La Tour. DittoSnaps had an interactive paint-by-sticker mosaic which formed George Fullerton by the end of the night.

and in PÄS, we had Jonathan St. Amant’s crazy world Nowhereland, where beneath the drawings you find deep meaning in struggles we can relate to here on Earth. in addition to his art, he had a ton of merchandise and Ryan and Pi played an acoustic set which was mind-blowing:

we’ll be hosting a closing reception for Jonathan St. Amant on Saturday, March 19th at 6pm. RSVP here.

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