Accelerated Care Plus — trade show wall.

we recently finished up a 9′ x 7′ trade show booth wall for ACP.
the business came through O’Apostrophe Communications. we were pretty excited for the outcome of the design for this medical equipment company considering the obstacles we ran into regarding the gutters in between the 3 panels and keeping the important information in the upper 1/2 so viewers wouldn’t have to get on their knees to learn more…

a little meaning behind the color selection: blue represents revolutionary, technology, state-of-the-art, while green — rehabilitation, revitalized, reborn, and purple for ACP, the medical devices that bring it all to patients in need. in the waves, technology (blue) and rehab (green) flow along together with a consistency, while ACP (purple), the DNA, the life, the liaison, comes intertwining between them joining both forces, embracing both technology and rehabilitation…

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