Cordelia Knott Center for Wellness — autumn 2008.

the latest catalog is out:


since their inception in 2002, Cordelia Knott Center for Wellness has called on primate design to create marketing materials and their tri-annual workshop schedule.

we’ve watched them grow from a tiny office under the name Foundations in Breast Care to a four-thousand square foot office building with world-renowned oncologists. each season allows us to improve and explore new things, we’ve gone from a 12-page class schedule with a run of 5,000 in the early days to the current 24-page catalog distributing 20,000 every season.


the Cordelia Knott Center for Wellness is a not-for-profit organization and also offers loads of classes and workshops, such as drumming and yoga, for non-cancer patients as well — all in the name of wellness.

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