inspiration – june 2008

as creative individuals, we rely on inspiration to replenish our tanks and keep our ideas fresh. creative inspiration can be as obvious as a beautiful painting or a breath-taking photo, or as obscure as an interesting piece of garbage. and that’s the beauty of it… it can happen when you least expect it, so long as you allow your mind to absorb it.

so every month, we’d like to share with you the fascinating sights, sounds, and all the other randomness the world has to offer – that inspire us. so without further adieu:

lexLex Land

alexa holland’s charisma is infectious and we, like many, are attracted to her sweet personality. “Within Land’s distinct vocals, you may hear the ghost of Judy Garland whispering velvety and soft, or the roar of a mistreated lioness. Her voice is versatile yet familiar, but her sound is all her own.”



have you ever met an intelligent, genuine person who at first glance seemed like a rather normal person by day… and then found out they were so much more by night? josh and christine of Solare personify the superhero alter-ego cliche. Solare is a downright excellent rock group full to the brim with catchy songs, meaningful lyrics, musical prowess, and a fantastic live experience. something you wouldn’t normally expect from two “normal” people. they’ll become one of those bands you say… “i knew them before they were stars!”. check ’em out!

is there anything Google doesn’t do well? you might heard of this little search engine called Google before, but apparently they do more than just facilitate my insatiable need to be able to find anything on the web… like now. (No not now… then… when I first said now a second ago… hurry up already… ) lately, I’ve been using Google Reader as my preferred RSS reader and it has been a breath of fresh air. get all your news delivered to you wherever you are. yes, please! not only that, Google Mail and Google Documents are insanely powerful and certainly worth a look if you haven’t seen what they can do first hand.

A List Apart
i just started following ALA recently and it quickly made it’s way into my internet life. the articles are supremely written, thorough, and professional. the articles leave you with just enough to spark your imagination, and still provide a solid enough foundation to not leave its readers lost and confused. if you’re into making websites, you should stop on by and see what they have to offer.

Daily Dose of Inspiration –
some tight business cards (period).

Cool Hunting
a blog worth bookmarking and visiting daily. they display a subject matter that just satisfies. design. art. fashion. typography. film. documentaries. modernism. go now…

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