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PÄS is now Neighborhood Studio

PÄS is now Neighborhood Studio! this blog will remain as an archive, so make your way over to the Neighborhood site for all the fresh new happenings in the studio.

We are in the exact same location in the Magoski Arts Colony, basically doing all the same great things (Do Art. View Art. Love People.), we’ve just changed the name.

Neighborhood Studio is formerly PÄS Gallery (project art school) which celebrated art through studio space, hosting art exhibits, and bringing community together. Basically the only thing that has changed is the name, and by that very nature, we will expand our philosophies beyond the gallery walls and into the neighborhood. We opened PÄS in 2009 with big dreams, and within 5 years, our dreams were realized. This led the transition into Neighborhood. Welcome.

come over:

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December Art Walk – Nhoj M. Mollos

It was a cool evening during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk on December 6th, but once you entered the doors of the Magoski Arts Colony, your heart was warmed with the eclectic mix of assemblage/paintings from John M. Sollom. he priced his work to sell, and 8 pieces went to happy homes. it must be the holidays… here are some snap shots from the night inside The Gallery Formerly Known As PÄS:

and right now, until the end of the year, we are offering a boat load of john’s work for a really good price.
consider it a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

Buy all 16 paintings on this wall for only $1400.

(John M. Sollom’s work is flyin’ off the walls. We’re going bananas over here. Actual price for entire wall is $2265. That’s 38.2% off! $865 in savings. It’s like buying an entire gallery of art for the price of one painting. Offer good until December 31, 2013. Hurry!)

call 714 336 6170 to make an appointment.

AND, this show is so good, we’re keeping it around for January… plus Nhoj will be adding some super-electromatic graphic work as well. come out jan. 3rd!

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some things never change…

we may be changing the name. we may be adding walls. and doors. and creating funky little spaces. but one thing will never change:

our love for John M. Sollom.

it’s easy to call him our artist in residence. our go-to. our reliable friend. “sweet tooth nhoj” loves to have a good time. and it shows in his work. and when he plays.

normally, we see artists grow over the years and are always proud to be a part of their journey. but we can honestly say that john’s been here to see us grow over the years. our ups. our downs. he’s been here to support us with the biggest heart of any artist we’ve ever encountered. from construction duties. to running errands and gallery sitting tasks. from creating real honest art. to long talks during stressful times. we can always count on john to be there. oh, and when we get our heads together to throw a party… it’s the best party…

as we transition into something new on the surface, we will never forget our roots in this art-world. päs may be dead, but we aren’t. come visit us this friday and witness our construction—see us when we wake up first thing in the morning/smell our dirty laundry/watch as we change our clothes… come PLAy with us in this sandbox with no regards for staying clean or perspiration-free—and see the new works of John M. Sollom in a new space that we will temporarily refer to as The Gallery Formerly Known As PÄS (same address).

this friday, December 6, 2013 from 6-10p, during our beloved Downtown Fullerton Art Walk in the Magoski Arts Colony where you will find tons of other great work from many many artists.

because after all, we’re just a bunch of People Loving Art…

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morte d’ päs – the beginning, of sorts…

PÄS is dead. yes, it’s not some Dia de los Muertos gimmick, or just a name for the performance. PÄS, as we know it, is truly done, finito. good night project art school. it’s not necessarily a bad thing however. it’s just time to get out of the cocoon, so to speak. in our fifth year now, things have evolved and we are simply not that thing we were in our hopeful dreams of 2009. therefore we are adjusting and staying true to who we are. and what better way to go out than to have René Cardona orchestrate a poetic performance. René was in the PÄS space before any of us were here… in the 90′s. remember those days? he was here painting for a living. and living for his painting…

on November First 2013, morte d’ päs: a poetic performance took place in the Magoski Arts Colony, signing off the final days of project art school… with René at the helm, his side-kick Greg, Daniel Johns and Amy Cardona aroused us with their strings, Kristy Prince honed us in with her reverse paint dance in Creation, and I got to break a bunch of glass in Destruction. it was lovely. it was a moment for all of us. as the crowd outside the plastic wore question marks as eyebrows (figuratively) and pondered what was “going on in there,” we reached a state of being that no esteem was familiar with. we slowly, and gently, put PÄS down to rest, in a ceremony that was really just for us and no one else. after all the years of providing the stage for others, it was now our turn to not care “what they think.”

it’s really quiet in here nowadays. there’s nothing going on in the mornings now but the sounds of vince’s brain broadcast over the house speakers and his mind written on make-shift notes taped to every corner of the colony. occasionally, we’ll hear the tip toes of Ricardo Gonsalves, or the entrance of Carol or Steffi in the artside workshop space. pause. it’s a good time to reflect. perhaps it’s time to push play…

and this is probably a good time to thank all the artists that have shown in PÄS Gallery since 2009, especially those who have helped shape it behind the scenes: Jesse Gaona, John M. Sollom, Sabrina and Armina Contreras, Kevin Ito, Greg and Vanessa, Ryan Garrett, Tony Munoz, Rick Tamashiro, Leah Song, Elaine Bevacqua, Valerie Lewis, Sharon Kennedy, Shine Jackson, Michael Ziobrowski, Artemis Nolasco, Becky Holt, Jonathan St. Amant, René Cardona, Michael Magoski, Candace Magoski, Corky Fullerton Foundry, Mike and Pam Atta, Hiron Ju, Christie Yuri Noh, John and Pam Keller, Philip Higson, Chuck Oldfield, Jesse La Tour, Tony Bach, Landon Lewis, Brian Lucett, Matt Box, Ricardo Gonsalves, Joel and Jeni Maus, Chantal deFelice, Hagop Najarian, Adrian Lopez, Brian and Wendy Torres, Nick Balderas, Shawn and Virginia Sandfer, Josh and Monica Johnson, Holly Bliss, Vince Morgan, Jeff Steinwand, Kenny Sperling, Katherine England, Matt Leslie, Jane Rands, Josué Rivas, Brandon Monk Muñoz, Dan Joyce, Stephan Baxter, Torrey Cook, Tim and Nancy Johnson, and tons more… we love you.

here are some photos of the memorial, along with other random happenings within at 223 W. Santa Fe Ave.:

looking forward >> to 2014…

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Mind Flirt opening reception…

here we are the week of november’s opening, and i’m just now posting pics from the october opening… better late than never i suppose. well, october was beautiful in every way imaginable… the works of Nancy J. Johnson and Britny Gledhill are tightly trimmed pieces of art that toyed with everyone who entered into the Magoski Arts Colony and we’re proud to have them as the four-year anniversary show and for the final days of what we currently know as PÄS. have a look into the opening. and then at the end, check out the artists’ individual sites and become a collector. now.

follow them. collect them. love them…
Nancy J. Johnson:
Britny Gledhill:

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Mind Flirt // PÄS Four-Year Anniversary

PÄS presents MIND FLIRT,
the artwork of Nancy J. Johnson and Britny Gledhill.
Opening Reception to coincide with the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk
on Friday, October 4, 2013 from 6-10pm.

Be prepared
to tantalize your minds
with art that makes
you double-take.
and say, “what?”
play unexpected
tricks. surprising
elements. look.
and look again…
drink. drunk.
sober. mind porn.
you’re in for a
real treat
this October.

Come as you are. No expectations. No guilt. No justice to be served. This month, our cause is for you, the people, to just come enjoy the art for what it is… We couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate our 4-year anniversary… and as we rejoice our survival being an art gallery, we ask that you wish PÄS well while we reorganize for the future.

RSVP on the BOOK :
- – - – - – - – - – -
Nancy J. Johnson
Britny Gledhill
- – - – - – - – - – -
PÄS Gallery
Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

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School is back in session…

Hibbleton and PÄS Galleries of the Magoski Arts Colony are proud to partner with one of the top educational programs in Fullerton, All the Arts for All the Kids, for a special exhibit entitled All the Artists for all the Kids! The opening reception is Friday, September 6th 2013 from 6-10pm during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk. This event is FREE and open to the public.

The All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to developing, sustaining, and supporting the arts as an intrinsic part of every child’s education.

This exhibit, curated by teacher Lauren Moses Oldfield and All the Arts instructor/artist Arias Collins, gives the artists from All the Arts a chance to show their personal work.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation, as well as 100% of the merchandise sold at the event such as kids’ art notecards, heart notecards, kid created mugs and tiles.

We are also very excited that Bella Donna’s Sweets will be in attendance donating cookies for the event, and Kaitlyn Orr will be at the event offering a hands on “art” experience for the evening.

Artists featured include: Terry Orr, Anna Hansen, Christine Angeli, Katherine England, and Marsha Judd.

We hope to see you there!


Hibbleton Gallery + PÄS Gallery
All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation

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Hagop yev Ardashes brought the heat!

the Magoski Arts Colony was packed during the August downtown fullerton art walk. there was so much goodness all around. in PÄS we had the privilege of showing the dynamic duo father-son team of Hagop and Dash Najarian… Hibbleton was In Stitches with sweet embroidery work from Lola Bee and friends… a painting biography of Steve Metzger was scattered throughout the colony… and Michael and Candace Magoski shared their temple experiences complete with audio and visual deliciousness…

if you missed it, please come back for the closing reception, Saturday, August 24th from 7-10p!

don’t miss the closing reception, Saturday, August 24th from 7-10p!
visit us.

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Hagop yev Ardashes, in the flesh, August 2nd…

Hagop yev Ardashes – Recent works by Hagop and Dash Najarian
coming to PÄS Gallery August 2nd reigns two generations of Najarian art. Hagop yev Dash! Opening reception during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk on the First Friday, August 2, 2013, from 7-11p. hope to see you there!

RSVP on Facebook:

Hagop Najarian, Many Ways to Tell a Story, 60″x48″  2011

Hagop Najarian, Sound Bath for All,  48″x48″ 2012

Hagop Najarian, Sun Bathing by a Tree, 12″x12″ 2013

Hagop Najarian, The Bird Wins, 12″x12″  2012

Dash Najarian, Beige Nobody, 5″x7″  2012

Dash Najarian, Ray of Despair, 2012

Dash Najarian, 2012

Dash Najarian, Thrasher, 2012

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july at the magoski arts colony

every first friday of the month brings the downtown fullerton art walk, where multiple venues open up from 6-10p and feature local artists… at the magoski arts colony, it’s really one of the only days that we are open to the public. other than first friday, we usually have closing receptions, hibbleton is currently hosting a summer film festival, and we get together for the occasional party. july’s art walk was the result of a collective, yet diverse, environment… hibbleton and bookmachine played host to “Create Now A Tribute to Alan Watts,” a magnificent display curated by roxanna mostatabi and josue rivas, chantal defelice and jason phillips projected their living things in the experimental film room, in PÄS we featured “Betterwill,” an exhibition of upcycled goods, the brand new egan gallery featured excellent works of fullerton college tranferring students, violethour displayed photography of temples from across the planet, patrick cooked up the goods in the kitch, and brandon monk munoz hosted the open house for his new studio called Monkwood… the evening was filled with smiles and laughter as the crowds gathered under a 3,500 paper crane and boat installation from Anna Hansen which stretched the common hallway 200 feet down the center of the Magoski Arts Colony…

have a look at some photographs from friday, july 5, 2013:
Tribute to Alan Watts


Fullerton College Transfer Exhibition


Throughout the rest of the Colony

can it get any better? of course.
keep an eye on these characters:

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Hanging Out, Hanging Art.

hope to see you all friday, july 5th at the Magoski Arts Colony for the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.

filmed and edited by Jesse La Tour.

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a betterwill, coming in july…

PÄS Gallery presents Betterwill, A splendid selection of upcycled goods from Prince&Cardona, LLLP.

Resurrected, upcycled, repurposed (whatever you would like to call it) goods from the trusty partnership of Kristy Prince, Brian Prince, Amy Cardona, and René Cardona.

This Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) initiated a process that has been practiced for centuries — taking something good and making it better. Welcome to Betterwill, where one person’s donation is another person’s art. You never know what you’ll find. One day only during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk at PÄS Gallery within the Magoski Arts Colony, July 5, 2013 from 6-11p.

Entrance is free. Art is cheap.
Entrada es gratuita. Arte es barata.


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